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Blackened Cajun (1/2 cup flatpack)

Although your mind may wander to Louisiana when you hear the word the Cajun. Cajun cuisine like crawfish, gumbos and jambalaya has its roots in the Acadian people of the Canadian Maritimes. This zesty blend imparts a Cajun flavour to meat, fish, vegetable, and rice dishes. Use it to pan-blacken foods like chicken breast, by adding a little butter before pan searing in a very hot cast-iron. 

Jamaican Jerk (1/2 cup flatpack)

A little sweet, a not-so-subtle spiciness, and packed full of Caribbean flavour. A natural pairing for barbequing chicken or pork, but pairs surprisingly well with other proteins like shrimp or even tofu. The traditional flavours of allspice berries and scotch bonnet peppers you'd expect from a Jamaican jerk rub. 

Korean BBQ (1/2 cup flatpack)

In recent years, Gochugaru chiles seem to be gaining popularity in North America. For good reason, as they deliver a deliciously moderate heat, yet fruity flavour. Matched with the flavours of sesame, tamari and citrus - this rub is sure to be your new BBQ go-to.  

Nordic Lemon Dill (1/2 cup flatpack)

Brightens grilled fish, as a classic lemon pepper would, but with a more herbaceous flavour. Inspired by Scandinavian fish dishes with lemon and dill. Add to plain yogurt with grated cucumber and garlic for an easy tzatziki-inspired dip. Mix with sour cream and mayonnaise for a classic chip and vegetable dip.