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Maras Chile (120 ml jar)

Also spelled Marash, Maras chiles are fruity and acidic with earthy undertones and a mild heat originating from the Turkish city with the same name. Use them anywhere you would use common red chile flakes like on pizza or pasta and you will not be disappointed, they deliver such a unique, fruity flavour. Also wonderful as a finishing touch to a fried egg or avocado toast. 

Gochugaru Chile (120 ml jar)

Also known as Korean Chile Flakes. Fruity, smoky and sweet flavour with gentle medium heat, a gateway chile flake if you will. Popular in Korean dishes such as kimchi and bulgogi. 

Ufra Chile (120 ml jar)

A smoky-sweet, mildly hot chile with a captivating chocolatey smell. Dark red to almost black in colour. Tastes sweet almost like dried-fruit and slightly acidic, with a mild smoky heat. Works with practically everything, totally addicting. We dare you to try these chiles in a sweet application like sprinkled on brownies with vanilla ice cream. 

Calabrian Chile (120 ml jar)

Calabrian chile flakes from the Calabria region of southern Italy. The authentic, Italian peperoncini. Spicy, but also mildly fruity and bright with a sun-dried tomato flavour. Use on pizza, pasta, infused with olive oil.