Santa Baby Sprinkles

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It's no secret we like to have a little fun during the holidays. We reached out to Chrisy Harms @chrisyharms and were so excited when she was on board to collaborate on a sprinkle set. We love the hand-selected blends she made from a catalogue of hundreds of different shapes and colours. They're perfect for cookies, cupcakes, cakes and so many delicious holidays treats. You won't find anything like this at the grocery store!  

Santa Baby: Red and white candy canes, Red beads, White jimmies, Silver metallic rocks, White mini beads, Silver metallic confetti

Contains: Soy


Detailed Ingredients:

Jim bits (White, Gold, Red, Pink, Green, Teal, White, Hot Pink): Sugar, Corn starch, Hydrogenated palm oil, Dextrin, Carnauba wax, Confectioner’s glaze, Soy lecithin, Artificial colours
Contains: Soy
Jim bits (Chocolate): Sugar, Hydrogenated palm oil, Corn starch, Cocoa powder, Dextrin, Soy lecithin, Confectioner’s glaze, Carnauba wax
Contains: Soy
Candy shapes (Candy cane, Stars, Christmas trees): Dextrose, Corn starch, Dextrin, Magnesium stearate, Gum Arabic, Vanilla flavour, Confectioner’s glaze, Carnauba wax, Artificial colours
Snowflakes: Sugar, Corn starch, hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, Hydrogenated Palm oil, Water, Xanthan gum, Artificial flavour
Metallic confetti (White, Gold, Silver): Sugar, Corn starch, Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, Hydrogenated palm oil, Water, Gum Arabic, Confectioner’s glaze, Carnauba wax, Mica based pearlescent pigments, Xanthan gum, Vanilla flavour, Artificial colours
Mini beads (White, Gold): Cornstarch, Sugar, Dextrin, Carnauba wax, Artificial colours
Mini beads (Red, Green, White): Sugars (sugar, glucose), Water, Corn starch, Carnauba wax, Mica dust, Titanium dioxide, Artificial colours
Beads (White, Red): Dextrose, Corn starch, Dextrin, Mica based pearlescent pigments, Confectioner’s glaze, Carnauba wax, Artificial colours
Metallic Sand/Rocks (Gold, Silver): Sugar, Confectioner’s Glaze, Mica based pearlescent pigments, Water, Carnauba wax, Artificial colours
Metallic shapes (Gold, Rose gold): Sugars (sugar, glucose), Wheat flour, Wheat Starch, Corn starch, Gum Arabic, Agar, Gelatin, Shellac, Wheat Semolina, Carnauba wax, Magnesium salts of fatty acids, Erythrosine, Silver metal, Annatto, Curcumin
Contains: Gluten