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Better Bagel (180 mL jar)

Everything bagels are having their moment recently, and it makes sense. The combination of crunchy sesame and poppy seeds, flaky salt with hints of garlic and onion is irresistible. What makes ours better? We’ve added roasted garlic for a hint of sweetness and just a hint of unique Turkish chiles for a super subtle heat. Use this blend to top all kinds of dishes like avocado toast, or use it as a seasoning for bread, crackers, pasta or meat dishes, honestly, the options are endless.

Nacho Nooch Popcorn Seasoning (120 mL jar)

Nutritional yeast has a cheesy flavour, yet does not contain dairy. Paired with nacho-inspired spices it's totally addicting. 

Korean BBQ (250 mL jar)

In recent years, Gochugaru chiles seem to be gaining popularity in North America. For good reason, as they deliver a deliciously moderate heat, yet fruity flavour. Matched with the flavours of sesame, tamari and citrus - this rub is sure to be your new BBQ go-to.  

Dill Pickle Caesar Cocktail Rim Salt (120 mL tin)

Canada's national cocktail, the caesar. Arguably the best part about the drink is the rim salt and the assortment of pickled and unique fixings. While classic celery salt is good, we're here to make your next caesar great. We're calling this Cocktail Rim Salt, Dill Pickle Caesar and when we sent this one out to be tested by friends and family it garnered the nickname Damn Good Dill - a clear favourite of the bunch.