Copper Spice Co Favourites Gift Set


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Better Bagel (180 mL jar)

Everything bagels are having their moment recently, and it makes sense. The combination of crunchy sesame and poppy seeds, flaky salt with hints of garlic and onion is irresistible. What makes ours better? We’ve added roasted garlic for a hint of sweetness and just a hint of unique Turkish chiles for a super subtle heat. Use this blend to top all kinds of dishes like avocado toast, or use it as a seasoning for bread, crackers, pasta or meat dishes, honestly, the options are endless.

The Daily Grind (180 mL jar)

Just as the name implies, an all-purpose seasoning to use on a daily basis that immediately perks up any dish. Salty, slightly spicy and super savoury! This seasoning blend contains whole spices, and we've included a grinder lid so that you can grind it fresh, on-demand. 

Savoury Umami (120 mL jar)

Umami is the fifth flavour of taste, along with salty, sweet, sour and bitter. Translates to "pleasant savoury taste" from Japanese, soy sauce is an example of an umami taste. Add this blend to burgers, gravy, risotto, roasted vegetables or any dish that could benefit from an addicting earthy, umami flavour. 

Rocky Mountain (180 mL jar)

A truly all-purpose seasoning, that any level of home cook can utilize as their secret ingredient to bring great flavour to all dishes. Works wonderfully for grilling or roasting both meat and vegetables. Or in simple applications like scrambled eggs. Keep it next to the stove and reach for it often.