Flavoured Salts Ultimate Gift Set


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Caesar Celery Sea Salt (120 mL jar)

Can anyone else taste celery salt without dreaming of clamato juice, just us? A simple blend of celery seeds and fine sea salt is a natural flavour enhancer for ceasars, bloody marys, Chicago-style hot dogs potato salad and coleslaws. 

Calabrian Chile Salt (120 mL jar)

This salt blend features two unique Italian ingredients, Calabrian chiles and fennel pollen. Calabrian chiles have a spicy, yet fruity, heat. Fennel pollen is a foodie super ingredient with a unique anise flavour, but much more intense than fennel itself. It is harvested by hand, the labour-intensive process makes for its luxury price tag much like saffron. Combined with kosher flake salt, freshly ground black pepper, and other spices, this salt blend is sure to improve any dish with a little Italian finesse.

Chipotle Applewood Sea Salt (120 mL jar)

Smoky, spicy and salty this salt blend is the perfect rub ingredient or finishing touch for meat - chicken, beef, pork, fish, it works with it all! Smoked over Washington applewood at low temperatures to bring out the fruity-sweet flavour of the applewood. Also, consider using it on vegetables to add a smoky and meaty depth of flavour. 

Firehouse Sea Salt (120 mL jar)

Fiery and flavourful, with both cayenne and habanero chiles, this salt blend packs a punch. Add to pizza, eggs, popcorn, french fries or any dish that would benefit from a pop of heat. A worthy addition to ceasars or bloody marys if you can handle the heat! 

Garden Sea Salt (120 mL jar)

A mouthwatering blend of dried vegetables, herbs and Kosher flake sea salt, that is guaranteed to perk up any meal. Add a variety of subtle herbaceous flavours to practically any dish with very little effort. 

Gomashio Sesame Salt (120 mL jar)

A traditional Japanese condiment made of toasted sesame seeds and salt. Helpful for those who crave a salty finish to their dishes, but want to reduce their overall salt intake. Contains approximately 10 parts toasted sesame seeds to 1 part salt. Earthy, nutty and salty it makes a perfect topping for vegetable, noodle and rice dishes.

Porcini Sea Salt (120 mL jar)

Mushroom lovers rejoice! Coarse sea salt is complemented by the nutty, earthy and savoury flavours of porcini mushrooms, creating a total umami flavour bomb. This salt will add a great depth of flavour to anything you sprinkle it on. 

Seasoning Sea Salt (120 mL jar)

A riff on the ever-popular seasoning salt, with a greater depth of savoury spices and no additives. It's salty, slightly sweet and well balanced with sweet Hungarian paprika, onion, garlic, among other spices. Begging to be added to hamburgers, fries and the like.