Hot & Spicy Blends Gift Set


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Firehouse Sea Salt (120 ml jar)

Fiery and flavourful, with both cayenne and habanero chiles, this salt blend packs a punch. Add to pizza, eggs, popcorn, french fries or any dish that would benefit from a pop of heat. A worthy addition to ceasars or bloody marys if you can handle the heat! 

Hot Madras Masala (180 ml jar) 

Use this versatile, all-purpose Indian masala (mix), whenever a recipe simply calls for curry powder. Boasts an earthy flavour and heat characteristic of the Madras region of Southern India, which is where the blend gained favour by English colonists. 

Hot Buffalo (250 ml jar)

Easily impart the mouthwateringly vinegary-hot flavour of buffalo wings to a variety of snacks and party foods with a sprinkle of this spice blend. To make classic buffalo sauce, mix 1 tablespoon of this seasoning blend with 4 tablespoons of water and half a stick of melted butter to coat chicken or cauliflower wings. 

Jamaican Jerk (250 ml jar)

A little sweet, a not-so-subtle spiciness, and packed full of Caribbean flavour. A natural pairing for barbequing chicken or pork, but pairs surprisingly well with other proteins like shrimp or even tofu. The traditional flavours of allspice berries and scotch bonnet peppers you'd expect from a Jamaican jerk rub.