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Chaat Masala (180 mL jar)

Chaat Masala is commonly used in India to season savoury street snacks as well as fruit and vegetable salads like chana chaat. Its high salt content makes it a great choice to season potatoes, chickpeas and other pulses. Think of it as an all-purpose Indian seasoning, and use it anywhere you want a fresh, yet tart taste. Its addicting characteristic flavour comes from sulphurous kala namak (black salt), tart anardana (pomegranate powder), and sour amchoor (dried mango powder), among other classic Indian spices.

Garam Masala (180 mL jar)

Perhaps the best known Indian masala (mix), a complex combination of roasted and ground spices. It translates to "warming spices," referring not to heat from chiles but of the warm, aromatic spices in the blend. Works beautifully in dishes with tomato and onion gravies, like butter chicken. It is balanced and almost sweet and works in a diverse range of Indian dishes. 

Hot Madras Masala (180 mL jar)

Use this versatile, all-purpose Indian masala (mix), whenever a recipe simply calls for curry powder. Boasts an earthy flavour and heat characteristic of the Madras region of Southern India, which is where the blend gained favour by English colonists. 

Tandoori Masala (180 mL jar)

Tandoori dishes are cooked in a clay or metal oven called a tandoor, giving them a characteristic smoky flavour. While most of us won't be able to replicate this high-heat, cylindrical oven at home, this spice blend will give you tandoori flavours. Use on meats as a dry rub, or mix with plain yogurt to make a marinade for protein or vegetables like cauliflower.