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Cumin Seeds - Whole (180 mL jar)

Cumin is intensely aromatic with a distinctive earthy and nutty flavour. It is an essential spice in Indian, Mexican and North African cuisine. In many cuisines, cumin is as common as salt or pepper.  

Enchiladas Rojas (180 mL jar)

Whip up a quick and easy enchilada sauce with this blend, to make a tray of cheesy, saucy stuffed tortillas. Or impart the flavours of red enchilada sauce into ground or shredded meat, by using it as an all-purpose tex-mex seasoning. This blend is a balanced mix of New Mexico red chiles and ancho chiles, along with onion, garlic, cumin, Mexican oregano among other spices and herbs.

Epazote (180 mL jar)

Popular in the cooking Mexican Yucatan peninsula, its flavour has hints of oregano, pine, mint and citrus. Much like cilantro, this herb is divisive, you either love or hate it. Reputed to help with flatulence, therefore it is commonly added to many bean dishes.

Mexican Oregano (180 mL jar)

Mexican oregano is not actually oregano, it is part of the verbena family. It has more citrus notes than Mediterranean oregano and works well with many chile-based dishes common in Mexican cuisine like moles or enchiladas, as well as beans and braised meats. 

Mole Poblano (180 mL jar)

I don't know about you, but I can't resist mole when I see it on a menu. Chile and chocolate make an irresistible pairing in this blend. Mexican moles are considered a celebration food, as they typically require numerous ingredients, and a labour of love frying, toasting and blending. We've simplified things here for a weekday winner.

Taco Tuesday (180 mL jar)

Taco seasoning is a tex-mex classic, but this blend is considerably better than the flavourless variety you find in a packet at the grocery store chalked full of fillers. This blend includes ancho and guajillo chiles, mild yet flavourful Mexican chiles, along with chipotle chiles, paprika and cumin. Amchoor (mango powder) provides a unique sour element similar to lime juice, our not-so-secret, secret ingredient. Season ground or shredded beef, chicken or turkey for use in tacos. If you desire additional heat add cayenne pepper, your favourite Mexican ground chile, or chopped fresh jalapenos. 

True Sri Lankan Cinnamon - Ground (180 mL jar)

True soft-stick, Ceylon cinnamon, is from Sri Lanka, but interestingly is not the cinnamon flavour we know and love in North America. This more citrusy variety is commonly used in Mexico, the largest importer of cinnamon, known locally as canela. Cinnamon does not taste sweet itself but enhances sweetness in other ingredients. Also, great in savoury meat dishes common in Morocco and Mexico. 

Zesty Chile Lime (180 mL jar)

An ode to our favourite commercial Mexican seasoning, but with a touch more complexity. The predominant flavour is mild chile spice, lime and salt. Delicious sprinkled on raw vegetables like cucumber, corn or jicama, as well as a variety of tropical fruits, mango, pineapple, watermelon and papaya in particular. Also makes a great drink rimmer for spicy-sweet Mexican cocktails like margaritas or micheladas.