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Israeli Za'atar (180 mL jar)

Popular across the Middle East, za'atar is an earthy, aromatic blend. Sumac gives it a subtle tartness, while toasted sesame seeds bring a nutty earthiness. A blend of oregano, marjoram and thyme provides a worthy stand-in for the classic herbaceous flavour of wild za'atar, which is hard to find outside the region. A perfect compliment to all carbohydrates, for example, baked into bread or sprinkled on vegetables. But also wonderful mixed with olive oil as a table condiment to dip crusty bread. 

Lebanese Shawarma (180 mL jar)

We hope you've had the pleasure of trying the Middle Eastern street-food classic, shawarma. Made with seasoned, thinly sliced meat, slow-roasted on a vertical spit. The meat is thinly sliced, wrapped up in a pita and smothered in a garlic or tahini sauce with all the accompaniments like tomatoes, parsley, salted Lebanese pickles and pickled turnips. Use this blend as a rub or marinade when grilling or roasting lamb, beef, chicken, tofu or chickpeas to make shawarmas at home! 

Persian Advieh (180 mL jar)

Advieh simply means spice in Persian, it is a widely used, all-purpose blend, akin to garam masala in India. Unique to the region this blend contains sweet spices like green cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rose petals, along with other amalgamating Middle Eastern spices. Warm, vibrant and aromatic it is well suited to rice dishes, couscous, lentils, cauliflower, stews and soups. It also makes a great rub or marinade for a variety of proteins, chicken and lamb in particular. 

Turkish Baharat (180 mL jar)

A warm, aromatic Middle Eastern blend that varies from region to region. Not surprising as bahārāt is Arabic and Turkish for spices. It is not hot, but sweet and smoky conveying a blend of common aromatic spices from the region. This Turkish-inspired blend, which uniquely includes mint, rose petals and Urfa chiles, is delicious in tomato-based sauces, lentil soups and pilafs. It also makes a great rub or marinade for a variety of proteins, chicken and lamb in particular.