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Italian Herbs (180 ml jar)

Recreate your favourite Italian dishes with this all-purpose Italian seasoning. A classic blend of basil, oregano, thyme, parsley and marjoram. With onion, garlic and Italian Calabrian chiles for some complexity. From marinara sauce to meatballs our Italian Herb blend has got you and it's particularly delicious when added to garlic bread. 

Maras Chiles (120 ml jar)

Also spelled Marash, Maras chiles are fruity and acidic with earthy undertones and a mild heat originating from the Turkish city with the same name. Use them anywhere you would use common red chile flakes like on pizza or pasta and you will not be disappointed, they deliver such a unique, fruity flavour. Also wonderful as a finishing touch to a fried egg or avocado toast. 

Crushed Red Chiles (120 ml jar)

Also known as red chile flakes or red pepper flakes. These are the common chile flakes you know and love on pizza or pasta, made up of a variety of chiles to give a consistent medium heat. 

Fennel Seeds (180 ml jar)

Fennel seeds enhance both savoury and sweet foods with their mild anise or licorice flavour and bittersweet aftertaste. A shoo-in for sausages and cured meats due to its ability to cut fatty ingredients.  Seeds are soft enough to eat whole but can be easily ground if desired.