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Better Bagel (180 mL jar)

Everything bagels are having their moment recently, and it makes sense. The combination of crunchy sesame and poppy seeds, flaky salt with hints of garlic and onion is irresistible. What makes ours better? We’ve added roasted garlic for a hint of sweetness and just a hint of unique Turkish chiles for a super subtle heat. Use this blend to top all kinds of dishes like avocado toast, or use it as a seasoning for bread, crackers, pasta or meat dishes, honestly, the options are endless.

Everything Seed (180 mL jar)

This blend is definitely not for the birds! It works with so many dishes, add to soups or salads for a satisfying crunchy element. Brighten up store-bought bread like pita or naan with a drizzle of oil and a sprinkle of seeds. Use it to top spreads like hummus, whipped ricotta or cream cheese. Sprinkle it on top of roasted vegetables. If you crave crunch, this blend is for you! 

Maras Chile (120 mL jar)

Also spelt Marash, Maras chiles are fruity and acidic with earthy undertones and a mild heat originating from the Turkish city with the same name. Use them anywhere you would use common red chile flakes like on pizza or pasta and you will not be disappointed, they deliver such a unique, fruity flavour. Also wonderful as a finishing touch to a fried egg or avocado toast. 

Sugar & Spice (180 mL jar)

Perhaps cliché, but this blend truly is sugar and spice and everything nice. The blend of sugar and cinnamon brings nostalgic vibes of eating cinnamon and sugar toast as a kid. But Saigon cinnamon is more strongly flavoured and punchy than generic cinnamon. The addition of cardamom, vanilla, ginger and cloves bring sophistication making it a totally acceptable indulgence for an adult. Go ahead, make the toast and don’t skimp on the butter!