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Did you know nutmeg and mace are from the same plant? Nutmeg is the kernel inside and mace is the reddish aril or blade wrapped around the seeds shell. Native to the "spice islands" in Indonesia, previously one of the most sought-after and expensive spice in Europe. Mace substitutes for nutmeg in most sweet dishes, but is more delicate with fresh, citrus notes. It is particularly great for savoury sauces when flecks of grated nutmeg are not wanted, we can't picture a béchamel without it. 

Add whole mace blades earlier in the cooking process to give time to diffuse, add ground mace later in the cooking process as it diffuses quickly. We recommend purchasing mace whole, and grinding fresh when possible. But we also offer freshly ground mace for your convenience. 

Glass Jar: 120 ml, contains 1/2 cup. 

Ingredients: Mace 

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place away from heat. 

Allergen: May contain mustard, sesame seeds and/or other common allergens.