I've never heard of you, who are you guys?

Hello, nice to meet you! We've got a whole page introducing ourselves and our company, please click here to read all about us.

How does shipping work? 

Click here to head on over to our shipping page to read more. 

What is your return policy?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Please click here to read more about returns. 

I have a question about my order.

The best way to get in touch with us is by emailing orders@copperspiceco.com. Please be sure to include your full name and order number if applicable. We will be in touch as soon as possible. 

What sizes and containers are your spices available in?

Our classic glass jars come in three sizes: 120, 180 and 250 mL (4, 6 and 8 oz). It is marked in the description on each product page which size each particular product comes in. Some spices a little goes a long way (we're looking at you - cayenne pepper), and others you may use a lot all at once (like your favourite meat blend on a full Brisket) so our spices do come in different sizes. The majority of our essential spices and herbs are sold in the 180 mL size, which is a little bigger than your typical grocery store container. We want you to have the most value for your dollar, but it is also important when buying spices to consider buying in smaller quantities and replacing more often so that you are using the freshest products possible in your cooking. Huge bulk containers are not the best option for the typical home chef despite potential cost savings. We hope in our sizing to strike a balance between freshness, value and flavour. 

Which side is the front of the jar?

We're happy you noticed there are two "front sides" on our jars! We not only wanted our products to taste great (which they do). We also wanted our products to look great in your kitchen. Seriously, go take a look through your refrigerator and pantry - why is the packaging on so many food products from big brands so blah? What's the point of prominently displaying your spices in a spice rack if it isn't total Pinterest goals? So that's why we came up with an alternative front to our packaging. You can display it in your kitchen with the standard front side forward, with the regulatory government-mandated information (we really tried to keep it pretty), or turn it around for a minimalist, Pinterest worthy label with just the spice name. The choice is yours. Also, if you didn't notice we also made a colour palette with the label patterns for our different categories for those who love to keep things organized. 

How should I store my spices?

We believe in storing your spices wherever you will reach for them often. That being said, the natural enemies of spices are air, heat and light and you should look to store them in a cool, dry place. We took care of the air, as our packaging is airtight. Be sure to not store your spices on the back of your stove, as heat is not a friend to the volatile oils present in the spices. Also, do not store them in the fridge as we want to avoid any condensation build-up. Our label blocks much of the light if you do want to display them, otherwise tuck them away in a drawer or cabinet for safekeeping, but please don't forget about them. Chile peppers and paprika are particularly affected by light. The goal is to use them up in your culinary creations, not store them indefinitely.  

How long are spices good for?

Generally speaking, spices are not particularly perishable. If you're wondering about the old spices in your pantry - if it still has colour, scent and flavour, it is generally safe to use. But with that being said - we are not going for meh here. We want the flavour! From our research, some supermarket spices take YEARS to reach the consumer from the farm, which is not ideal.

We work with suppliers who strive to provide high-quality, fresh products. If you are able we recommend buying whole spices when possible and grinding yourself in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle for optimum freshness. If you prefer to purchase ground spices, or are wondering about our blends, rest assured that we purchase spices whole and grind it ourselves often to ensure customers are receiving spices at their peak. In some cases, where specialized equipment is required, we also work with suppliers who grind fresh, whole spices regularly. 

As a general recommendation, replace your spices approximately every two years. Herbs you may want to consider replacing sooner. 

Where do your spices come from?

Our spices come from all corners of the globe. We work with trusted Canadian suppliers and industry professionals who have established relationships with growers. We are a Canadian company, and our spices are packaged in house. 

Do your spices contain allergens?

Please note we do carry products containing mustard, sesame seeds and soy, allergens are marked on the label. Although we do not use gluten or dairy in our products and spices are naturally free of these allergens, we are not able to certify that they have not come into contact. Please use caution if you have a severe allergy.

Are your spices irradiated? 

We do not sell irradiated spices (meaning treated with radiation). Our suppliers are federally inspected by Agriculture Canada and use safe methods to treat spices like steam or vacuum. 

You don't have one of the spices I'm looking for, can you bring it in?

Yes, please drop us a line at hello@copperspiceco.com, we'd love your recommendations. We are constantly working to bring in new, unique products and to develop new blends. 

Can I buy in wholesale quantities for restaurants, industry, etc?

Please reach out for bulk pricing to wholesale@copperspiceco.com. 

Can I sell your spices in my shop?

This is our future goal to be found in more local shops, if you are interested in carrying our products please contact us at wholesale@copperspiceco.com. 

Do you sell gift cards?

You bet, you awesome gift giver, you! Find them here

Do you do corporate gifts?

Funny enough that's our other business. We are well versed in the world of promotional products and would love to work with you on your corporate gifting - we are even able to offer custom labels. Please reach out to us at hello@copperspiceco.com. 

I have more questions.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us at hello@copperspiceco.com.