About Us

Hello, hi! Welcome! We are Copper Spice Co, a mother-father-daughter trio from Edmonton, Alberta. Interestingly enough, this business was born out of the 2020 quarantine. We are a family of home chefs with big appetites, and while "staying home" we got to cooking like many of you. We wanted to try new cuisines from our recently online-shopped global cookbooks and new recipes with unique ingredients from our favourite YouTube cooking stars. However, we were particularly disappointed with the spice selection in our local grocery stores. You mean to tell me that you can't get asafetida or urfa biber chile flakes in Barrhead, Alberta? If you're Canadian, you understand the struggle. For Mother's Day I thought I was being clever by planning to place an order online for some unique items on our ingredient wish list, but low and behold my searches came up short. A wham, our idea for an online boutique spice company was born. 

With all the free time quarantine provided, we have dug deep into research for our new company. We are no strangers to business, Maryann and Paul have owned a promotional product company for several decades. Amanda and Maryann also previously owned an online clothing boutique together, while Amanda completed her MBA. We are all also really into food (eating). Maryann leans towards the sweeter side of things, Amanda has a flair for international and spicy flavours, and Paul is into all things meat. One of our quarantine meals was homemade artisanal wild-yeast sourdough bread, home-grown tomatoes and homemade smoked bacon. We really love food. We are excited about this business and to share our passion for quality ingredients with other aspiring home chefs like us. 

Our number one priority for this company is providing high-quality, fresh spices, culinary herbs and spice blends nothing like what you're able to find in your local chain grocery stores. We have done extensive research into each product we carry to be sure we are sourcing exceptional high-quality products. As newcomers to one of the oldest trades in the world, we also lean on the seasoned expertise of industry experts and our vetted suppliers who have developed relationships with growers. We are not afraid to ask questions. 

It may also sound superficial, but we wanted our products to not only taste great, but we wanted them to look great. Why are so many food packages so, well, blah? We have designed our jars and labels with this in mind. We offer an alternative display side on our packaging with a minimalist label, as well as, a gorgeous palette of colours and patterns to organize your collection by category. It would be an honour for you to display our products in your kitchen. 

Thank you so much for your interest in our company. We'd love for you to give us a try.

Bon Appetit!

Copper Spice Co

The Element of Flavour