BBQ Sample Pack - Chicken


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Contains 4 - 4 oz (120 mL) jars:

Backyard Chicken
A blend intended for chicken – whichever way you cook it. The star of the show here is sumac, which lends a unique tart flavour to the blend of kosher salt, sweet smoked paprika, and other amalgamating spices and herbs.
Blackened Cajun
Although your mind may wander to Louisiana when you hear the word Cajun. Cajun cuisine like crawfish, gumbos and jambalaya has its roots in the Acadian people of the Canadian Maritimes. This zesty blend imparts a Cajun flavour to meat, fish, vegetable, and rice dishes. Use it to pan-blacken foods like chicken breast, by adding a little butter before pan searing in a very hot cast-iron.
Honey Chipotle
There's something about a drizzle of honey, on spicy or smoky foods that just takes the flavour to the next level. That's what this sweet-heat BBQ blend is all about, sure to become your all-time favourite chicken and pork rub. A little spicy, a little sweet, all-around delicious.
Canadian Maple Garlic
Made with real maple sugar, this blend is a sweet and savoury Canadian classic. Sweet and garlicky. Compliments pork, chicken, salmon, baked beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, and the like.