BBQ Ultimate Grilling & Smoking Gift Set


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Canadian Maple Garlic (250 mL jar) 

Made with real maple sugar, this blend is a sweet and savoury Canadian classic. Sweet and garlicky. Compliments pork, salmon, baked beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, and the like.

Backyard Chicken (250 mL jar) 

A blend intended for chicken – whichever way you cook it. The star of the show here is sumac, which lends a unique tart flavour to the blend of kosher salt, sweet smoked paprika, and other amalgamating spices and herbs.

Spicy Smokehouse (250 mL jar) 

An all-purpose BBQ blend that has a perfect balance of sweet and heat. A unique blend of jalapenos, hatch chiles, and cayenne peppers. Pour yourself a beverage and fire up the BBQ!

Cowboy Steak Spice (250 mL jar)

Canadians claim to fame in the world of spice blends. Coarsely ground black peppercorns, coarse salt, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, dill seeds, garlic and chiles are the classic components. We've given ours a unique kick with Italian Calabrian chile flakes. The coarse texture and bold flavours make it a perfect blend for barbequed steaks and potatoes.

Memphis Dust (250 mL jar) 

Memphis-style BBQ is heavily focused on pork (ribs and pulled pork), and the rubs are typically rich in paprika and garlic. This rub checks all the boxes for a great Memphis rub, but really it's wonderful on any meat. Be liberal dusting this one on!

Kansas Pork (250 mL jar) 

Kansas BBQ is known for its wide use of different kinds of meat, this blend is a homage to that as it works on all kinds of meat. But its best use is probably pork ribs. It’s made with brown sugar to inject a sweet molasses flavour. For a more authentic experience serve with a Kansas-style tomato and molasses-based bbq sauce in addition to the dry rub.

Alberta Beef (250 mL jar) 

A blend intended to perfectly compliment the flavours of Alberta beef. You won’t find sugar in here, so longer cooking cuts of beef won’t burn. Contains kosher salt, garlic, smoked sweet paprika, onion, black peppercorns, and our secret blend of chiles, spices and herbs. Fire up the BBQ!  

Texas Salt Pepper Garlic (SPG) (250 mL jar) 

Don't overthink it with salt, pepper, and garlic. Our SPG blend is dedicated to the Texan pit bosses who keep the seasoning simple to bring out the flavour in fine cuts of meat. Contain the perfect ratios of Kosher flake salt, high-quality butcher cracked black peppercorns and California garlic granules. From hamburgers and steaks to brisket this blend is super versatile.