Farmers' Market Weeknight Dinner Gift Set


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Taco Tuesday (180 mL jar)

This blend includes ancho and guajillo chiles, mild yet flavourful Mexican chiles, along with chipotle chiles, paprika and cumin. Amchoor (mango powder) provides a unique sour element similar to lime juice, our not-so-secret, secret ingredient. Season ground or shredded beef, chicken or turkey for use in tacos.

Hot Chili Powder (180 mL jar)

This hot blend has cayenne for heat, as well as ancho chile, sweet Hungarian paprika, Mexican oregano, and other classic chili spices. Use it to flavour your favourite southwestern dishes like chili, enchiladas, beans and rice. Also a great addition to meat rubs.

Italian Herb (180 mL jar)

Recreate your favourite Italian dishes with this all-purpose Italian seasoning. A classic blend of basil, oregano, thyme, parsley and marjoram. With onion, garlic and Italian Calabrian chiles for some complexity. From marinara sauce to meatballs our Italian Herb blend has got you and it's particularly delicious when added to garlic bread.

Mystical Mediterranean (180 mL jar)

Classic Mediterranean herbs combine with onion, garlic, dried peppers and lemon zest to create a blend that's sure to transport you to the seaside. Great for grilling or roasting - meat and vegetables alike. A stunner on potatoes! Of course, it's wonderful combined with a generous guzzle of Mediterranean olive oil.