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Amchoor - Ground (180 mL jar)

Amchoor, also spelled amchur, is made of sundried unripe, green mangos. It has a sweet-sour aroma with a fruity and very tart taste with a citrus zing. One teaspoon of dried amchoor has the acidity of three tablespoons of dried lemon. The fruit sugars concentrate in the dried fruit giving a unique sweet-and-sour taste.  Common in Northern Indian cuisine. Amchoor a tenderizing effect when used on meats much like lemon or lime.

Brown Mustard Seeds - Whole (180 mL jar)

Brown mustard seeds are hotter with a longer-lasting pungency than the yellow variety and feature proximately in Indian cuisine, known locally as rai. Usually toasted or fried in hot oil or ghee to bring out an attractive nutty flavour. Brown mustard is an acceptable substitute for black mustard seeds, which is hotter but harder to procure. 

Coriander Seeds - Whole (180 mL jar)

Coriander is a versatile spice with a mellow, warm taste and a hint of orange peel and sage. It is the seed of the leafy coriander plant, also known as cilantro in North America. Can be used on its own, but it is amalgamating and commonly paired with cumin in savoury blends and curries across the globe. Our coriander is the European/Moroccan variety is grown right here in Canada. 

Cumin Seeds - Whole (180 mL jar)

Cumin is intensely aromatic with a distinctive earthy and nutty flavour. It is an essential spice in Indian, Mexican and North African cuisine. In many cuisines, cumin is as common as salt or pepper.  

Fenugreek Seeds - Whole (180 mL jar)

Fenugreek seeds have a strong yet sweet taste, which is amplified by lightly toasting or frying the seeds bringing out their nutty flavour with hints of maple syrup or burnt sugar. The seeds have a somewhat overpowering musty, oniony aroma, but provide a savoury, bittersweet element to dishes. The scent of fenugreek is what gives curry powders its signature curry scent. 

Green Cardamom - Whole (120 mL jar)

Highly aromatic and sweet with a peppery finish, referred to as "the Queen of spices." Native to southern India and Sri Lanka, however, Guatemala is now the world's largest producer. Popular in Indian cuisine, but also Scandinavian bread and pastries, and Middle Eastern coffee and tea preparations. A very versatile spice underused in North America. Sweet and more suitable for desserts than smoky, black cardamom, but also can be used in savoury applications. 

Kashmiri Chile - Ground (120 mL jar)

Unlike many Indian chiles, Kashmiri Chiles have a mild, distinct heat with sweet undertones. It is vibrantly bright red, which makes it a shoo-in for tandoori-style dishes or any recipe that calls for Indian chili powder. 

Turmeric - Ground (180 mL jar)

Turmeric has a gingery, citrusy aroma and a sweet, earthy and slightly bitter flavour. Its pungent earthiness helps to bind and harmonize other flavours together in blends. Its bright, yellow-orange colour is also prized for its ability to add a golden hue to foods. Turmeric also has a natural starchy quality used to thicken sauces. It's a superfood for a reason. Golden milk latte, anyone?